Big Time Fun Ride!
Review for Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 650-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Feb 01 2011
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January 02, 2011

Big Time Fun Ride!

Big Time is a fun ride, so far. I’ve loved Dan Slott’s stuff since his days on Ren & Stimpy and his stint on Spidey is just as nice, Humberto Ramos never disappoints and draws one of the sexiest Mary Janes next to J. Scott Campbell that I’ve ever seen.

The Spidey/Hobgoblin battle was pretty nice even w/ the unlikely assist from Lady Gaga (yeah you have to read it to believe it) and I was satisfied with the outcome. Phil Urich is completely off his rocker and makes an awesome Hobgoblin but is even creepier with his obsession of Norah Winters, this is only gonna get uglier and it won’t end well (look out Norah, Randy or Phil someone’s taking a dirt nap!) Then there’s the nerd in me that loves that Slott & Marvel are using Peter’s big brain again, 1st with the think tank job then with inventing a whole new suit that bends light and sound making him invisible. Not only that but add in the Black cat and now you’ve made me one salivating Spider-Geek, there really isn’t enough Black Cat stories!

The back-up feature has Mac Gargan in dire straits without his costume or the Symbiote & Mach-5 (formerly The Beetle) calling in outside help to find a cure, unfortunately it comes in the shape of a disguised Alistair Smythe! Smythe then takes Gargan by force from the Raft and escapes to his hideout where he ominously monologues a disturbing foreshadowing of things to come. Can we all say “New and Improved” Scorpion anyone?

Big Time is a Big Time fun ride, let’s hope it stays that way.


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