All the Clues are in... NOT!!!
Review for Batman: Odyssey (2010) 6-B

Comic Book by DC, Apr 01 2011
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February 08, 2011

All the Clues are in... NOT!!!

Batman: Odyssey is really a nightmare to follow. It has a feeling of a nightmare being told to us. It has all the elements of a disjointed nightmare including the appearance of characters out of thin air. Bruce Wayne tells us at the end of this issue that all the clues are in to determine the next move. I think not, because like any nightmare, there is no sense in nonsense.

It’s nice to see Ra's al Ghul masterminding a new threat to Batman and the cast of characters is impressive. I just wish that the story Neal Adams is weaving actually has a point. I’m hooked so I will ride this story to the end hoping that the plot comes to a nice conclusion and I get to see more interesting characters and Neal’s great art.


My point exactly.
Please be serious, this will not last the 13 issues scheduled. There is no point, hopefully DC will put this series out of its misery.

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