Great Fun!!
Review for Fly (2011) 1-A

Comic Book by Zenescope Entertainment, Jun 01 2011
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October 26, 2011

Great Fun!!

What if you could have super powers simply by injecting a needle into you? The ability to fly, super strength, speed... What lengths would you go to get your next fix? Raven Gregory writes this story based off his real life addiction with drugs. At first I didn't know what to expect with this series... The premise was interesting to me so I gave it a shot. It starts off slow developing the characters like Raven has been known to do with The Gift, Return to Wonderland etc.. and boy does he deliver. Once the action and story starts it never lets go. Seeing what these characters do to get their next fix is probably what most junkies feel like especially when it gives you super powers. A very well written series so far and I can't recommend this enough for everyone to check out. Drop your Marvel, DC books why spend $3.99 an issue for recycled garbage when you could be reading a hot new fresh story. Give this little hidden gem a shot and you will be surprised by it.


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