A Relevant Addition to the Independent Comic Movement
Review for Mindfield 4-D

Comic Book by Aspen, Dec 01 2010
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March 25, 2011

A Relevant Addition to the Independent Comic Movement

I'm so happy that I picked up this series. It has not let me down yet. The team of J. T. Krul is making a comic dealing with cutting edge material that could be taken from the newspapers of any city in the world. We have terrorist that have enhanced psychic powers and most likely are a product of western intelligence services experimentation into the realm of mind control and psychic warfare. It will not surprise me to learn that western intelligence services are the creators of this brand of terrorism, as it would mirror what is common knowledge about our terrorist problem and the role western agencies had in facilitating the training of these entities when it was in our interest to do so during the cold war. Now a new generation of terrorists are been recruited by the generation that was trained and finance by western governments. The theme of this series is new and relevant and draws into the what if's of our politics and struggles making it relevant to our times.


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