Review for Uncanny X-Men (1981) 506-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Apr 01 2009
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February 19, 2009


This issue was decent, it wasn't so much an improvement on how this series has been going of late. I have a few worries about this particular story, it seems to be just flailing in parts while excelling in others. You've got one sub-plot about Colossus here and this issue continues it further, but I can't help but ask "where is Fraction going with this?" because it seems to just be going around in circles and I know its all about Colossus trying to make himself emotionally and mentally stronger after the loss of Kitty, but this story is dragging on and making me loose interest, forgetting what the story is about.

The second sub-plot is one I find much more interesting, about Hank & Warren forging a team of the cleverest mutant minds to prepare and work on something for the X-Men. It's interesting because we still don't know what and its just written very well. The shocker for this sub-plot here was pretty huge and awesome! The reason I prefer this sub-plot to the one about Colossus is that you don't know what will happen in the end, whereas with the Colossus story I kind of just want it to get done with because it's slightly predictable.

Great artwork and an all-round half decent storyline. The dialouge is good, nothing more nothing less, so no complaints there, it's just the stories don't seem all that entertaining aside for the Hank & Warren one. This book also has exceptional artwork by one of my top comic artists Terry Dodson.


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