A Perfect Line
Review for Umbrella Academy: Dallas 4-A

Comic Book by Dark Horse, Feb 01 2009
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March 02, 2009

A Perfect Line

What a good issue! I'm digging this series, and this issue moves you along at a welcoming pace! This issue ties up a lot of stuff and rounds everything together, so that everything is now heading towards the big ending! I am oh so incredibly excited for the last 2 issues of this series!

This issue itself was as usual very well written in its dialogue and general plot. Although one problem I did have with this issue was with what happened to Hazel & Cha-Cha, that happened far too quickly if you ask me, but it was always going to happen, it's just I wasn't expecting it so soon. But it didn't totally ruin the issue so it was okay!

This issue further draws you into the complexitity of the plot so that you get a better understanding of whatt is going on, as it moves you forward with the story at the same time. Because let's face it, this plot line is so creative and exciting, yet it is hard to follow because it's so clever! But don't get me wrong, this comic is jam-crammed full of creative awesomeness believe me! Brilliant artwork too! The colouring by Dark Horse's infamous Dave Stewart are great too!

We see some more awesome parts with The Seance here as well, Space-Boy too. All round brilliant, I am very very excited for these final issues coming up!


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