Should I expect more from DEADPOOL?
Review for Deadpool (2013) 1-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jan 01 2013
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November 08, 2012

Should I expect more from DEADPOOL?

I've made it no secret that I really don't give a flying rat's (banned) for Deadpool. He's pretty much an indestructible mercenary that won't shut up, and that's really all you need to know to get started. That being said, DEADPOOL #1 features a round table of familiar names attached to the book, but really only delivers what I would consider to be a fairly so-so attempt to reel in the NEW reader to Deadpool. I believe the attempt was to make Deadpool less talkative, but when he DID talk, it was supposed to be hysterical. I didn't see it that way.

The story (one day after election day) features Wade Wilson taking on resurrected dead presidents the way Deadpool knows how, quick, bloody and dirty. Now to some, this could be considered offensive. I took it as "it's just another day in Deadpool's wacky world" which I think puts me slightly ahead of the game as opposed to John Q. Reader Who Buys It Because It's A Number One. The story instead reminded me of a poor man's "WELCOME BACK FRANK", with a calmer, less-Deadpoolike Deadpool taking his ritalin and the female SHIELD agent lead being this title's version of DETECTIVE SOAP. Even the artwork by one Tony Moore, (who was associated with a little comic you might not have heard of called THE WALKING DEAD) looked and moved a bit like artist Steve Dillon's run on PUNISHER as well.

So back to my original question: should I expect more from Deadpool? Probably not. I DO however expect more from Brian Posehn...who I consider to be one of the coolest and most talented men on the planet and who is credited as co-writer on the issue. Not bad but not terribly good, Brian. But I still love you.

In summation, there's one scene in the book which strikes me pretty much as how the world sees DEADPOOL. When he rips himself out of the guts of the Godzilla-like creature at the beginning of the book, Deadpool emerges covered in entrails, blood and organs. A mother nearby is mortified at the sight, while her perhaps 10-year old child looks on excited and exclaiming how cool it was to see that. THAT'S how I imagine Deadpool die-hard fans to be. Bring on the entrails. So for them, I'm sure I sound like a moron and I'll leave you to your taste in comics. But let it be known I'm giving this 2 stars strictly on STORY and not TALENT. I wasn't too enchanted with the book and I thought it was honestly a weak first issue that felt more like a filler arc from a new creative team rather than a first issue. But maybe that's exactly what MARVEL wanted. If so, mission accomplished. But it'll sell because it's DEADPOOL and it's a #1. But beyond that, I got nothing else to give you.


wpmcclure issues 2 and is getting much better. The first one was everyone testing the water, but now they are in full gear and I honestly think the wise cracks are much better!

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