And Death will have no dominion. Or class. Or Coothe...
Review for Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe 1-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Oct 01 2012
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August 13, 2012

And Death will have no dominion. Or class. Or Coothe...

I went to my local comic book shop a couple of weeks ago and lo and was a delightfully slow Wednesday. With little committment on my regular titles, I scanned the shelves to see which books I might branch out and give a shot.


The first thought that crept into my head was the fact that three things sell books:

1) Striking Covers. (And this series boasts EXCELLENT painted covers.)

2) Titles that start with "DEADPOOL".

3) Titles that end with "KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE".

So I never put the book back down and off I went to make my purchase. Even the owner of the shop said "Oh wow. You're buying Deadpool."

"Yeah, but not my choice," I retorted. "I just know generally these books end up being sought after."

My shop owner KNOWS I loathe this character. I think Deadpool is utilized in the most silly, juvenile and unredeeming in the Marvel Universe. Even his appearances in UNCANNY X-FORCE are still not where they could be. However, I'm obviously in the minority as fans and collectors alike did exactly what I thought they'd do and snag every single copy of this book that shops had to offer. Now going into second printings, this book could be Marvel's sleeper summer hit.

Honestly, I thought the story was terrible. It's mindless, senseless violence for mindless, senseless violence's sake. The actual number of high profile deaths include are in the single digits and the interior artwork isn't terribly exciting. However, here I sit proudly holding my 1st print copy...anxiously awaiting the second print which is due out soon and patting myself on the bat for buying a book purely out of collector speculation rather than fanboy adulation.

Never-the-less, if you missed this, RUN...don't walk...and get your copy. CCL is completely sold out of this book...and it's been selling for low-double digits already. I could easily see this book selling for $20 in a week.

So go buy this book. You'll feel dirty after you buy it...but as I've said in the past... a little dirt never hurt anybody.


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