52 REVIEW - Deathstroke, The Average Comic
Review for Deathstroke (2011) 1-A

Comic Book by DC, Nov 01 2011
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October 11, 2011

52 REVIEW - Deathstroke, The Average Comic

So DC's Punisher returns in the new DCU. Can't say I was overly impressed by this book. This falls into the average comic book pile. You get good average/solid art and an solid/average story. I can't help but think, with a different creative team this character and book might rock.

I think Deathstroke is a character that would have worked better in an "adult only" type line, like Marvel's MAX line. Deathstroke is as many of the characters in the book mention time and time again, a real bad ass. And being one, he deserves a chance to be seen as a actual bad ass in an uncensored forum.

All in all - very average (a trend with the new DC books) - 3/5.


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