A Fitting (If Not Controversial) Tribute
Review for Action Comics (1938) 900-A

Comic Book by DC, Jun 01 2011
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May 03, 2011

A Fitting (If Not Controversial) Tribute

Many of you might have gotten news by now that ACTION COMICS #900 has sparked a bit of controversy and debate in political as well as comic book circles as a topic of interest. As to not take away from the incredible 96-page milestone ACTION COMICS #900 is in the way of comic book publication, I would like to break my review up into 2 sections: one that addresses the book overall, and one that discusses the controversy found in the pages of the book.

First: THE BOOK.

Overall, I thought ACTION COMICS #900 was an incredible read. Every story was engaging and the artwork was solid throughout the book. FORGET DEADPOOL. ACTION COMICS stands alone at the moment as being a landmark book to reach such a genuine milestone. In a sea of publishers that seems to have thrown the idea of meeting a deadline out the window OR relaunches a book with a #1 issue, I present ACTION COMICS #900...a 96-PAGE example of how successful a publisher and a title can be simply by honoring tradition and going the distance.

The main story is pretty good, putting more of a dot-dot-dot instead of a period on the whole REIGN OF DOOMSDAY storyline to launch us head-first into the REIGN OF THE DOOMSDAYS. The showdown between Superman and Luthor was a little predictable; showing the greatness of Superman and Luthor's ability to be his own worse enemy by letting his hatred for Superman override his common sense and better judgement. But Paul Cornell (a British writer I openly admit have never really heard of) tells a VERY good tale and clearly understands his source material.

The back-up stories were equally as interesting, although a little short. (A three page PAUL DINI story and a 4-page GEOFF JOHNS story? Meh.) I didn't even attempt to read former SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE Director Richard Donner's story based simply on the storyboard format...but then went back and read it later, and it was ok. So: there you go. Buy the book because it's good throughout and you can find it on ComicCollectorLive.com by many of our great Super-Sellers.


David Goyer's 9-page "THE INCIDENT" story has raised eyebrows and gotten lots of buzz from fans and politicans alike as Superman renounces his U.S. citizenship.

The story was good. It was paced well, told well and drawn well. BUT. In one panel, and one statement, Goyer disappoints me as both a long-time Superman and comic reader in general. And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE David Goyer. I read "Justice Society". I even loved BLADE: TRINITY. However, in this instance, I'm in good ol' American shock and awe. Irony abounds.

Now, birth certificate's for comic characters not-withstanding, couldn't the entire point of the story have been made WITHOUT the need to completely throw out Superman's American Citizenship?? Talk about a spit-on-the-flag moment. At least when CAPTAIN AMERICA stepped down from his role as CAP back in the day, he had the balls to do it as Steve Rogers. I don't disagree with Superman's reasoning behind the outcome. I disagree with the outcome itself.

How many years have I heard that Superman's origin is the "ultimate immigrant story" in documentaries and interviews? "Coming to our country and making good" and all that jazz? Landing in the Kansas, USA and raised with the moral fortitude of 2 average American citizens in order to go forth and make choices and actions that NOONE should ever have to make given his powers and abilities, which are far beyond those of mortal men...all with the compass from what he's learned growing up in the American heartland? And did he take a panel to talk this move over with his fellow American journalist wife Lois Lane? Was working for "THE DAILY PLANET" newspaper not enough to satisfy the readers that Superman truly watches over THE WORLD???

I suppose not.

I wanted to jump through the pages of this book and yell at Superman. SUPERMAN. He can disagree with policy all he wants, but "TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY" can NO LONGER be a Man of Steel standard. And if that's the case, the 2-page "EVOLUTION OF THE MAN OF TOMORROW" pin-up spread by Brian Stelfreeze featuring Superman proudly holding up an American flag is a SHAM. Perhaps DC has another book to recall now. SNAP.

Maybe I'm old-fashioned and I love my comics and the characters too much, but wow. To say I'm disappointed in this story is now simply an echo of how I'm disappointed with the way the world thinks about things the older I get. I guess I finally have an answer to the question "IS NOTHING SACRED?" And there you have it. Superman now belongs to the world and no one country, ideal or nation.

Thanks David Goyer.


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