All Those Costumes!
Review for Green Hornet (2010) 6-C

Comic Book by Dynamite Entertainment, Jan 01 2010
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July 24, 2010

All Those Costumes!

Green Hornet #6 has 5 excellent covers with the main Alex Ross cover being outstanding. Not that the cover actually represents what is happening inside the covers as there is no romance yet developed between GH and Kato’s replacement (his daughter). There is friendly sparing during GH training in martial arts by both the elder Kato and his daughter the younger Kato. Now we know there is a romance in the future.

I liked the way Kevin has paid homage to the Batman in certain scenes throughout the book. There are similarities in the GH and Batman characters which are hard to miss, so may as well play along with them. This is the most comical issue yet for this incarnation of the GH. Another great read.

GH is trying to find the right costume for his incarnation, guess what he decides on... Stay tune...


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