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Review for X-Force (2008) 7-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Nov 01 2008
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October 21, 2008

A Quick Look

X-Force is wasting no time in becoming one of the best X-Books currently being published. The combined talent of Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost make for an engaging story, containing unexpected twists and turns that don’t come off as gimmicky. The dialogue sets the mood for this team of X-Men who need to get their hands dirty in order to preserve the future of the human race. To quote Cyclops:

“We’re entering new territory, and it’s dark. But we’re still the good guys.”

New territory indeed, as Cyclops makes it clear that killing is no longer an option that the X-Men can overlook.

New comer to the title, Mike Choi, provides for some awesome art. He uses a unique blurring effect to put the focus on the primary action of a panel. It is highly effective and comes off in a very cinematic way. To boot, Choi’s characters look their age and he draws his women beautifully, especially their faces.

So what else makes X-Force #7 kick ass? Well, let me run down the list for you: Archangel and Wolfsbane freak out, a handful of former ‘New X-Men’ join the team, someone comes back from the dead, and a villain that first appeared way back in Uncanny X-Men #2 resurfaces for the first time in years. To quote Wolverine:

“Come again?”

Come again indeed. Pick up this series, it’s bad ass.



I agree, Choi's art was top notch. I hope he remains on X-Force for a good while.

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