One of many, A Classic Kirby/Lee Story
Review for Fantastic Four (1961) 28-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jul 01 1964
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July 11, 2013

One of many, A Classic Kirby/Lee Story

This is one of those books that should be on everyone's wishlist, well at least it was on mine anyways and I bought mine here on CCL. A Great cover by the King. The FF vs the X-men, way before the overrated AVSX series, and all in one issue. This story opens up a few months after the Torch and Iceman team up in Strange Tales. Reed and Sue reading the newspaper (The Daily Bugle??) about the recent exploits of the X-men. Sue mentions how the X-men defeated the Space Phantom, (which I believe was an error...that was the Avengers!) I wonder if I could get a NO-PRIZE for that? Stan would probably blame the newspaper article was in error. Well anyway, the thing is lugging around a statue Alicia made of himself and The puppet master answers a call from the Thinker. These 2 villians team up to gain control of Prof. X. and succeed in having the X team attack the FF at their own Baxter Building, it is a free for all battle between the teams and even the statue Alicia made of ol blue eyes is destroyed. Even,The ultimate Android gets in on the ruckus. I am not gonna give away the ending, but it was fun book to read and the action panes are always great to look at. Well worth reading in any format, digital, reprint, essential or original if you can afford it.


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