A Great Beginning
Review for Green Lantern: Rebirth 1-B

Comic Book by DC, Dec 01 2004
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January 03, 2011

A Great Beginning

While reading the prelude to the Blackest Night it occurred to me that I may need to go back a bit further to truly enjoy the Blackest Night. So I'm reading the 2004 Green Lantern Rebirth mini-series and will take it from there and see what other comics need to be read to fully appreciate the Blackest Night.

At some point I may go back to the Parallax story arc, but how far can one really go and still hope to read the Blackest Night in the New Year.

There is a nice mystery surrounding the Green Lantern without knowing all the details of the past decade. In this issue we see the main players together as they strive to live normal lives after the latest cosmic war involving the Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan is The Spectre who is Parallax. There is more to Hal Jordan than meets the eye and he is back on Earth to make up for past indiscretions.

Hal Jordan's return is shaking the world and its superheroes to the core.

This is a nice beginning to what must have been a great mini-series, laying the foundations for the rest of the Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps series.


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