All-Star Flop if you ask me...
Review for All Star Superman 1-A

Hard Cover by DC, Jan 01 2007
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June 25, 2008

All-Star Flop if you ask me...

So this is "Ultimate" Superman.

I'm sorry, but Grant Morrison is a great writer. And Frank Quitely has put out some great artwork. Sadly, both collaborate on an otherwise boring title that 1) Doesn't fit into the mainstream DCU, so...why bother...and 2) Feels like rejected Mort Weisenger/Curt Swan/Wayne Boring concepts? Alas, All-Star Superman just falls short on so many levels for me as a collector and a reader.

Both All-Star Superman and All-Star Batman and Robin are two examples of how a concept of an "Ultimate DCU" comes just a little too late. But if you like Superman stories that are tight-knit, and have nothing to do with the regular DCU, then this is your book.


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