And the point is… ?
Review for Hulked-Out Heroes 1-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jun 01 2010
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April 15, 2010

And the point is… ?

It was a light shipment this Wednesday from Marvel. The only thing on my pull list was New Mutants #12 (which isn’t even for me, it’s for my wife), so as I’m checking out the shelf, I figured what the hell and grabbed Hulked-Out Heroes #1.

I’ve been loosely following Fall of The Hulks/World War Hulks, but I have found myself not giving 2 craps about either story arc.

My general feeling is that Marvel simply does not know what to do with the Hulk character ever since the success of Planet Hulk. Greg Pak’s masterpiece gave Hulk a whole new life and personality and also introduced us to the Warbound, the planet Sakaar and Hulk’s offspring, Skaar. The problem with all of these elements is that they simply do not fit into the regular Marvel Universe. World War Hulk attempted to bring Hulk back to Earth and merge these Planet Hulk elements with the Marvel Universe. It was a bit of a let down. Then Jeph Loeb took over on Hulk duties and brought us the Red Hulk. I won’t even get into how much of a disaster that was/is.

So, here we are now, in World War Hulks where everybody and their grandmother is being turned into a hulked out version of themselves in some sort of an attempt to involve the “rest” of the marvel characters with what’s going on in the Hulk books. The problem with that is that it doesn’t seem to actually be affecting the rest of Marvel. They have Dark Reign and Siege to deal with as well as the upcoming “Heroic Age” shake up.

Hulked-Out Heroes is the epitome of all of this Hulk nonsense. It covers many angles. On one side, it’s simply another excuse to further saturate the comic book shelves with another story starring Deadpool. On the other side, it’s an attempt to include Marvel characters into a Hulk story without them actually needing to face the Hulk himself.

Even though Jeff Parker wrote this issue, it has Jeph Loeb’s stink all over it… cause it makes NO SENSE! There’s something utterly frustrating about reading something that’s trying to be funny, but ultimately fails at doing so. When half the cast are hulked-out heroes talking in “hulkspeak” and the other half of the cast are monkeys and dinosaurs, it basically takes about 3 pages before you get to a bubble with a complete sentence in it.

Humberto Ramos handles the penciling duties and does a fair job. I’m actually a Ramos fan, so I don’t have a big problem with his art, and I think his cartoony, over exaggerated manga style fits quite well within this particular book. So in the very least, the art is entertaining.

The Bottom Line: Entertainment. I think that was the point of this issue, but I’m not sure. It left me frustrated, confused and with buyer’s remorse. My advice? Skip this 2 issue mini-series. Nothing good can come of it. 1 out of 5 stars


Too bad.
Being a Hulk fan has definitely been tough since Loeb's involvement.
I agree 100%, Jeph Loeb is the worst thing ever to happen to the Hulk. World War Hulks has sucked hard and unfortunately Jeph will still be on the book in the future. Being a Hulk fan has been tough.

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