All in the Family
Review for Incredible Hulks 612-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Nov 01 2010
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September 02, 2010

All in the Family

I think that Greg Pak is setting us up for something wonderful, or, if this idea fails it would have been a valiant effort on Pak’s part. I don’t think we can fault him for trying.

Ever since Pak has been writing the Green Goliath, he has taken the character to places we never could have imagined he’d go. Pak constantly gives us something fresh with the Hulk. His latest attempt is to gives us a "Hulk family". A supporting cast that is as every bit as important as the main character himself. A supporting cast that will help the Hulk’s (and Banner’s) character development in ways that, as a solo character, he couldn’t possibly manage.

With that being said, I’ll gladly buckle in and enjoy the ride.

As far as this first issue of Incredible Hulks goes, we are presented with the first two chapters of the 6 issue Dark Son story arc which focuses on Hiro-Kala’s journey which will presumably lead him into confrontation with his father, The Hulk, and his twin brother, Skaar.

After the events of World War Hulks, Chapter one shows us the "Hulk family” laying low near a beach. Bruce finally has a chance to talk to Betty about the state of their relationship to which the outcome of the conversation doesn’t exactly go as Bruce originally anticipated.

Chapter two takes us to the Planet K’ai as it hurtles through the galaxy into frozen space. Hiro-Kala’s true intentions are slowly revealed as the story unfolds.

The latter chapter was co-written by Scott Reed, who helmed the Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk 4-part mini-series.

The art of Chapter one is handled by the ever dependable Tom Raney. Nothing spectacular to note. Same goes for colors and inks. No complaints here.

Chapter two is visually represented by the wonderful Brian Ching. Out of the two chapters in this issue, his artwork stood out more to me. Colors and inks were bang on, cold and harsh.

The writing is what you would expect from Pak and Reed with chapter two being the more eventful of the two stories. I think we will see this format throughout the Dark Son story with the “Earth” bits handled by Pak, which will move at a slower pace until it collides with Reed’s faster paced “Space” bits starring Hiro-Kala.

Bottom Line: I thoroughly enjoyed this issue although I have to say that it had far less of an emotional impact than Incredible Hulk 611. Chapter two stood out for me (as it should considering the focus of this story arc really is on Hiro-Kala). Loved Brian Ching’s art, while I remained indifferent about Tom Raney’s art in this issue.

I nevertheless must give a 7 stars out of 10 (reflected as a 4 out of 5 due to CCL’s restrictive rating system) simply because this issue had the misfortune of being preceded by Incredible Hulk #611.


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