A Simple Issue
Review for Nightwing (1996) 152-A

Comic Book by DC, Mar 01 2009
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January 18, 2009

A Simple Issue

In the wake of Bruce Wayne's death (oh come on, its hardly a spoiler any more), it seems as if Dick Grayson is pretty much running the game at the moment in Gotham.

Peter J. Tomasi does a great job of showing us how Dick Grayson is coping with this tragic loss.. he mentions that Grayson feels as if he has lost a father. Touching, and a good tribute if anything to Bruce.

This issue had a very simple story, but it was a fun, enjoyable and pleasing read. The simple story is that Ra's Al Ghul wants Grayson to come and meet him.. and I wont spoil the rest.. but I'll say that this story is over in this issue, its pretty much a one shot which tells us how Ra's is dealing with the news of Bruce's death. It's a nice read and very interesting to see how Ra's is taking this.. as he is one of Batman's oldest, and very first enemies. You get a real sense of the unique characterization of Ra's Al Ghul.. especially with his large ego. It works very well and adds to the compelling nature of this interesting story.

The dialogue is very strong and the artwork is amazing. It's nice to see how a villian is dealing with the death of Batman here, which is why I think this simple story worked very well.


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