A Great Comic is Born
Review for Superior 2-B

Comic Book by Icon, Jan 01 2011
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November 18, 2010

A Great Comic is Born

It's great to be at the beginning of a great comic run. How can one be sure that you are witnessing a great run? It's 100% subjective; it's the gut reaction about what the words and panels say to the inner you that make or break a comic experience. Millar's Superior is comic that is showing all the signs of a great series in the making. Superior #2 has completely established the superiority (no pan intended) of this title compared to what is out there in the market place. I can say without a doubt that this series will become a must read for comics fandom.

The treatment of the character and development of the story is a total work or art. The superior artwork and craftsmanship of each scene takes this comic well beyond simple kids stuff and brings it to the realm of art and literature. Only a well executed comic can bridge the two words of pictorial and scenic pleasures and Superior is doing it with each issue. If the trajectory keeps moving in the right direction this series will receive 5 star in the near future.


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