Red Sonja, Vampirella, Dracula, & Sherlock Holmes?
Review for Prophecy 1-A

Comic Book by Dynamite Entertainment, Jan 01 2012
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July 21, 2012

Red Sonja, Vampirella, Dracula, & Sherlock Holmes?

...And a Mayan Prophecy!

Moving through time, Red Sonja in pursuit of her nemesis Kulan Gath, finds herself on a Mayan sacrificial altar fighting for her life. Then she is suddenly transported through time again only to encounter Vampirella and Dracula.

Oh, and in the mean time (in a completely different time), a call to 221 B Baker Street have Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson reporting to a crime scene in a London Museum, where it appears an ancient Mayan artifact has been stolen; a dagger to be exact, and a dead man remains on the floor.

So, when I saw Prophecy at my LCS, first I noticed Red Sonja on the cover, then Vampirella, then checked the creator credits and saw Ron Marz was scripting the book, and my interest was piqued.

Prophecy: Book One, has solid artwork and a well written story that has us jumping from one place in time to the next. My only complaint is it's a little short, at only 20 pages, and some of those are splash pages. Don't get me wrong, the splash pages are beautiful, and help move the story along, but overall it's a relatively short read, leaving the book feeling more like an appetizer than a meal.

Well, I'm still hungry. Bring on Prophecy: Book Two, and I will definitely be picking it up!

3.5 out of 5 stars


Hey it had Ash..... Groovy!!
I picked up this series, by and large because it was supposed to have Purgatori(y) in it.....the ol' Chaos! Comics character that Dynamite now has the rights to. On issue 4 (of 7?) and no Purgy yet?

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