I can't believe it's not cheesecake, it tastes pretty good though.
Review for Mary Jane and Friends Poster Book 1-A

Magazine by Marvel, Jan 01 2009
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September 03, 2012

I can't believe it's not cheesecake, it tastes pretty good though.

Generally speaking this “poster book” is pretty tastefully done. There is nothing here that would cause you to be embarrassed about being seen buying this at your LCS or your mom seeing you sticking these on your wall. There isn’t anything "cheesecake" about Mary Jane & Friends. Personally I would have preferred a more "cheesecake" approach, I'm not averse to the exploitation of make believe female characters. However there isn’t anything wrong with how Marvel went about this though, they totally marketed this for a younger audience and featured strong and positive aspects of these characters as role models. There's appearances from (amongst others) Ms. Marvel, Elektra, Rogue, She-Hulk, Emma Frost, Patsy Walker, Black Cat, Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl and of course Mary Jane Watson / Mary Jane Watson Parker! Personally my favorite picture is The Tim Sale picture taken from the cover of Spider-Man: Blue #3 (which also graces the cover of this poster book.) There is just something undeniably sexy about the soft pink color of the background mixing with the contrasting white of MJ’s silhouette and the shock-red of her hair before your eyes come to settle on Spider-Man in the foreground. My hat off to you Marvel, you put out a fine product here! Now how about putting out some swimsuit comics like back in the 90’s...


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