This Crazy Train of Fun Keeps on a Rollin'
Review for King! 2-A

Comic Book by Blacklist Studios, Dec 01 2010
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April 03, 2011

This Crazy Train of Fun Keeps on a Rollin'

Well, King! #2 has been on the shelves a little while now & I hope you’ve had a chance to pick it up because if you haven’t you’re missing a seriously guilty pleasure folks! King! #2 picks up right after the events of the first issue with Jessie King at a local watering hole regaling the locals with the tale. He is then beset by zombies who he quickly dispatches before being hired to clear a neighboring village of vampires! The dialog is witty and effective, the plot is simple and enjoyable, and the art is stellar! What more can you ask for? Well for one thing, I wish it was available in more places because at $3.99 cover price and $3.00 shipping it’s a steep price for something so awesome. ‘Nuff said go out and buy King! NOW, you won’t regret it.


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