A Great Mix of Stories and Art Work
Review for Dark Horse Presents (2011) 1-A

Comic Book by Dark Horse, Apr 01 2011
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April 24, 2011

A Great Mix of Stories and Art Work

I was a regular Dark Horse Present reader way back then. Now I have the opportunity to enjoy more varied and dazzling stories from great writers and artists under the publishing banner of Dark Horse.

Paul Chadwick's Concrete is an excellent entry point showing that there are consequences for every action and tiny mistakes become clues for much bigger occurrences.

With Howard Chaykin's Marked Man we enter the world of the Sopranos, a low life criminal that tries to make end's meat for his family.

Neal Adam's Blood feels more like a Frank Miller Sin story, and that is a complement. Blood is never seen in this first installment, but we get to see his side-kick and lots of back history, to make this one character worth reading.

Carla McNeil's Finder- Third World is a humorous take on participating on a job hunt. Anyone that has had experience with job seeking and the process will find this an enlightening tale.

Mr. Monster vs Oooak is a throw-back to the 40's style comics (funny books).

Frank Miller's Xerxes Sneak Peek is all that one would expect from the mind of 300. The interview published here gives us a glimpse of the intellect and artist behind the pictures and words. This sneak peek and interview are a coup from Dark Horse Presents.

The Tiny Man is a creating from Harlan Ellison that shows the power of creation and futility of control. It has two interesting endings that make you wonder...

Richard Corben's Murky World is typical Corben. There is too little to make a good judgement of what is to follow, but one can't go wrong with talent such as this.

The Star Wars short story serves the purpose of wetting our appetite for the much larger Star War universe of comics that no one can possibly read in a life time and still enjoy the other comics in this world.


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