A Nostalgic Reading Time
Review for Guardians of the Galaxy (2009) 1-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by Marvel, Jan 01 2009
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November 16, 2010

A Nostalgic Reading Time

The new Guardians of the Galaxy trade paperback brings together the first six post-Annihilation issues that constitute the reorganizing of this cosmic super-hero group. Abnett, Lanning and Pelletier are awesome in their re-creation of a classic team from Marvel history and they do it with style. To give it some continuity they bring some of the original Guardians picking up a plot thread from an old Guardian tale involving Captain America and his shield. These issues also deal with the Skrull Invasion story arc.

There are great interactions between the main characters that make this worth reading. Rocket Raccoon is always ready to give us a humorous interlude while surprisingly Cosmos shows a high degree of character development, for an uplifted canine.

I really enjoying the new incarnation of the Guardians of the Universe and becoming nostalgic for the older series, so I need to get me more Guardians to fill this gap.


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