A New Beginning as this Concludes
Review for Millar & McNiven's Nemesis 4-C

Comic Book by Icon, Feb 01 2011
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January 01, 2011

A New Beginning as this Concludes

If shock value alone determines the impact of a comic then Mark Millar’s Nemesis would get 5 out of 5, but shock is not what comics should only be about. We want good writing, good artistic collaboration and a good story that takes us to inner and outer places of the imagination. Millar’s Nemesis has definitely done this. The conclusion is a new beginning which I find hard to imagine after reading these four issues; how can you top this when we know the premise of future Nemesis stories, or do we?

It is the unknown that has raised the stock for this series and we will all line up to read volume 2 when Millar and McNiven next brings us Nemesis to a comic store close to you.


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