Review for Ironwolf 1-A

Comic Book by DC, Jan 01 1986
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October 06, 2012


As the title suggests, this is a reprint. I have been surprised to find out just how many reprints the big two did even before the boom of the 90's and the Trade paperback fad began.

On to the review.

This is some very early Howard Chaykin work from Weird Worlds. DC, obviously chose to reprint this when they did to try to cash in on the fact that Chaykin was huge at the time (1986) due to his very critically successful "American Flagg" (which is excellent).

Cover: The cover to this is great. Pure Chaykin, complete with scantily clad lounging lady. The color process used fits Chaykin's style very well.

That's all that is good about this comic.

The story is so laughably cliche that I think I broke a record for eye rolls while reading a comic.

First, there is the corrupt leader who has thrown in with enemies of the empire for her own gain. (although it is never explained what she has to gain. In fact, it appears that she is actually hurting herself and her own power in very obvious ways.)

Second, the freedom loving rogue who breaks free from the empire he so loved to right wrongs.

Third, the damsel in distress who just seems to ALWAYS find distress. I found myself wishing they would just lock her in a room whenever they went anywhere.

Fourth, the super special spaceship with the weird name. In this case....Limerick Rake. Not making that up. Limerick Rake.

Fifth, the hero has to make a great sacrifice.

and on and on and on and on. blah blah blah.

Now, cliche's can be good if they are well written an fresh. In this case, Ironwolf holds ONLY cliches. There is no real writing. Ironwolf just goes from fight to fight to fight, spouting inspirational speeches.

Noone's motivation is ever explored. Or even mentioned really. The interior art is so poor, that it is often difficult to differentiate between characters. This is especially so with the female characters.

yeah. it's bad. They shouldnta reprinted it. I was forced to eat a copy of American Flagg immediately after finishing it. It was the only antidote.

It did have a gorgeous cover, and some kinda cool text from Chaykin and the editor talking about the origins of the story from 1972 in Weird World.

I'll give it 1 out of 5 stars for that alone. Only buy this book if you are a Chaykin completist.

oh yeah. I forgot. there are space vampires. Seriously.


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