Robinson has the Power on this book!
Review for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2012) 1-A

Comic Book by DC, Sep 01 2012
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July 12, 2012

Robinson has the Power on this book!

With the release of HE-MAN and the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE #1 from DC COMICS, product children of the 80's can once have a reason to get out their CASTLE GRAYSKULL.

In this new incarnation of the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE saga, a young woodsman named Adam is having strange dreams about heroic battles and evil warriors. Driven by an unknown force, he is compelled to leave his cabin and find answers. Instead he finds BEAST MAN, who brutally attacks Adam in an attempt to stop him. But there's something special about Adam as he is able to find the courage within to defeat BEAST MAN and continue on his quest to find out what his dreams mean...along with his true destiny as HE-MAN.

There's alot of stuff to be excited about with this book. Written by James Robinson of STARMAN fame, this "relaunch" fits nicely for this franchise...although the whole "memory lapse" gag has been used more than the "Evil Mutant Spores" gag...this He-fan is still very excited to see what happens next in this tale.

A downside perhaps is this is scheduled as a mini-series and the pacing of the story with He-Man actually NOT appearing in the book feels very much like they are writing for the Collected I expect the stereotypical slow start, a sprinkling of reintroductions scattered throughout and a rushed but strong ending to this tale.

If you're a fan of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE like I am, this comic gives you reason to get your old toys out again OR pick your new ones up. There's a very nice looking SKELETOR 1:25 variant cover that is commanding nice money on the secondary market as well since many stores didn't take the chance ordering heavily on this book in the midst of WALKING DEAD #100 mania fever.

In short, this book won't make any earth-shattering revelations to you...but it will make you feel younger with a timeless character and a fresh story.


Great review! Inspired me to pic this one up at my lcs today, looking forward to reading it.

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