A Grand Universe
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Graphic Novel / Trade by America's Best Comics, Jan 01 2007
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May 19, 2009

A Grand Universe

Alan Moore's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier expands the foundations of the universe inhabited by the “Murray Group” of extraordinary people serving the British crown. We learn that there are other groups formed to serve the interests of their respective nations; Germany, France, and in America with those superheroes. Moore’s universe is getting pretty crowded and extremely interesting. We see the emergence of many literary characters brought to life in exquisite detail, such as Virginia Wolfe’s Orlando, Shakespeare’s Fairies, Cleland’s Fanny Hill, Gulliver’s Travails and others from the realm of myth and legends. The Black Dossier is a treasure trove for future expansion of the League’s adventures. It sets the foundations for future adventures of the Murray Group with an eye to reshaping the literature and comics at the closing of this decade by merging them in a unique way producing something that will delight grownups and further expand the notion of the power of the graphic novel in the hands of a master.

Kevin O’Neill’s illustrations are first rate as always.


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