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Review for Air 2-A

Comic Book by Vertigo, Nov 01 2008
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October 21, 2008

A Quick Look

by yourfriendandy http://yourfriendandy.wordpress.com/

When I reviewed Air #1 in my video blog ( http://yourfriendandy.wordpress.com/2008/10/03/tlp-comic-book-review-episode-iii/ ), I commented that while entertaining, the story is also confusing and convoluted. Unfortunately, not much changes in the second issue. I like the book, but I still don’t have a sense of where it’s going as more questions pop up instead of answers. Like what’s the deal with Zayne and who the heck does he work for?

M.K. Perker does a good job with the art. The main character, Blythe, looks far hotter than she did in issue #1, and the continuity with her bruised eye didn’t go unnoticed. My favorite aspect of G. Willow WIlson’s writing is the developing love story between Blythe and Zayne. It’s very ‘love at first sight’ and I can run with that. …What, I like love stories.

In this issue we get a better look at the supporting cast, which includes an obnoxious punk rocker and a sagacious old woman. And while I still have no idea what the McGuffin is yet, at least I now know who the bad guys are. Hopefully come issue #3 the plot will become clearer and the air more breathable.

“The Highest Emotion is not love. It is longing.” - Mrs. Battacharya


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