A Great Beginning
Review for Lady Mechanika 0-B

Comic Book by Aspen, Oct 01 2010
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October 07, 2010

A Great Beginning

Lady Mechanika #0 does what it was meant to do; introduces a very interesting character, a surprising world and all the action and mystery to build a series that can hold our imagination. Benitez has accomplished this in spades. Even though there are clear elements from another mysterious female mechanical being, i.e., Aphrodite IX, that does not remember her past, and is endowed with all the feminine qualities required to engage a males attention and the deadliness to be safe in any environment, Benitez does it so well that I don't really mind that he may have borrowed more than what he would like to confirm in public. Lets hope that he can maintain the level of artistic expression as shown in this issue throughout the series.


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