Artifacts... Heating Back Up?
Review for Artifacts (2010) 18-A

Comic Book by Top Cow, Jun 01 2012
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July 21, 2012

Artifacts... Heating Back Up?

Visually, Artifacts is slick as Hell, with the storytelling to match!

"The gathering of thirteen mystical artifacts destroyed the world... and created another in its image. Ex-priest Tom Judge discovered the truth of this new universe by reclaiming the artifact known as the Rapture. Tom and Jackie came to blows, before each went his separate way. The Angelus, eternal enemy of the Darkness, had been reduced to a hive mind. Tom meant to have the Angelus take NYPD detective Dani Baptiste as its sole host. However, the Angelus instead chose a woman named Finch, whom Dani has just met, to serve as host."

Tom Judge has realized that something is very wrong with this world; it's not the world it's supposed to be. Discovering that Jackie Estacado, current bearer of the Darkness, is at least in some way responsible, he seeks to restore the balance by restoring the Angelus force to its full power. Searching out Daniel Baptiste, he gives her the artifact known as the Rapture, intending for the Angelus to become whole again and take her as host. But, when an unknown, yet somehow familar girl, Finch, shows up the Angelus force immediately takes her as host. The Angelus, now whole again sets out straight for the Darkness, and the two inevitably clash forces!

The artwork here is stunning. Stjepan Sejic's portrayal of the Darkness and Angelus engaged in battle is second to none, and his depiction of the Darklings, as well as the scenes between Jackie and Jenny are completely off the charts. And, Ron Marz' storytelling and the use of the Darklings for comic relief, are spot on.

Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic really have something special, their chemistry is truly exceptional, and it's no wonder Artifacts is heating back up.

A truly entertaining comic book needs two things: Great art, and great stortelling - Artifacts has both!


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