A faction within the Corps! A great understanding
Review for Green Lantern (1960) 166-A

Comic Book by DC, Jul 01 1983
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December 27, 2008

A faction within the Corps! A great understanding

I'm one of those people just jumping onto the Green Lantern band wagon before 2009's upcoming Green Lantern major event; 'Blackest Night', why? Because I want in before it takes off because I got sucked in by the hype and am interested to see what's going on!

So.. having read nothing on Green Lantern, I figured Id better do some back reading to get to know the character(s) before I get in on this story. So while I was at a con earlier this year, I picked up some old Green Lantern issues to familiarise myself with the GL mythos.

It seems that these issues from around the 1983, '84 period were the perfect issues to pick up for getting a great understanding on how everything 'Green Lantern' works. These issues are like GL instruction manuals, but written in stories! This issue was basically saying how bad the colour yellow is too a Green Lantern! But it was wrapped up and told from within this brilliantly gripping story! Great artwork! Great dialogue and an exciting story.

The story here is the first of a two parter, its where we see some of the Green Lanterns Corps' members demanding that the Guardians give them these news power rings they know they've been working on which are more powerful and even work against anything yellow! One member falls victim to something yellow (no bad jokes here) and this makes some members of the GLC angrier at the Guardians for not handing over these new rings, so they faction off and go on a vendetta against the GLC!! Its gripping and exciting stuff!

Its a great place for new readers to jump into an exciting story while learning what the can dos and cant dos of a Green Lantern are!

Id read all the Green Lantern issues from around these years if I could!


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