And to the Rescue comes........
Review for Wonder Woman (1942) 608-A

Comic Book by DC, Apr 01 2011
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March 30, 2011

And to the Rescue comes........

I was really hard pressed to give this book four stars. It was hard for the fact that I missed the first seven issues of this story-arc. I only picked up this issue because the cover was awesome. For the most part this issue was unpleasant. It's not meant to sound as if the book was awful to read, contrary the violence is extremely effective and well-handled, but is not exactly what I’d call “fun” to read. Sadly the contents of this book display pain of all sorts the Amazon Princess, in fact–20+ pages of physical and psychological asskicking. It leaves me hanging with why is Doctor Psycho now healping Diana and who and waht exactly ar e the Hysminai & The Morrigan.


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