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November 27, 2012
Saga 1-A
Review: Check out Boom's Farscape for a better version of Saga
DCBS.com had the first volume of Saga for $5, so me and some other friends picked it up to discuss.
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July 07, 2012
Uncanny X-Force (2010) 26-A
Review: Noto Returns to Form!
I've been a big Phil Noto fan for a long time, but, to be honest, his stuff's been disappointing (mo
July 07, 2012
Uncanny X-Men (2012) 14-A
Review: And back to the Disappointing Norm/
I would be buying this anyway, but putting an AvX banner on the cover of this isn't misleading, it's
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July 07, 2012
New Avengers (2010) 27-A
Review: If We Have to Call it New Avengers to Get an Iron Fist Mini, I'm Okay With That
May Stan Lee have mercy on anyone trying to read this who hasn't read Immortal Iron Fist. But since
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July 07, 2012
X-Men Legacy (2008) 269-A
Review: Didn't We Already Cover This?
I don't get it. Gage is such a strong writer but he's flailing on this book. What could have been a
July 07, 2012
Uncanny X-Men (2012) 13-A
Review: About As Interesting As This Series Gets
Part of my problem with this event is that I really don't remember/care about some of the small side
July 07, 2012
Avengers Academy 31-A
Review: The Best of AvX
I was going to say "This is probably the best tie-in series" but I'm going to be more assertive... T
July 07, 2012
Avengers vs X-Men 6-A
Review: Now we're playing in the big leagues
First off, holy crap... When did Coipel get so good? This issue he's like Jim Cheung mixed with Chr
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July 07, 2012
Incredible Hulk (2011) 10-A
Review: Almost as bad as #9
So, the idea behind each issue is that Hulk wakes up in a random place that Banner has put him after
July 07, 2012
Incredible Hulk (2011) 9-A
Review: Nominee for Worst of the Year
To paraphrase the Hulk in this issue, I hate stories at the bottom of the ocean. The good news is th
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