Sep 17,2011
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Buyer Ratings

Super Buyer! Enjoy the Books!
Great Customer!
Awesome another great transaction on my favorite comic book site AAA+++
Great customer.
Great customer.
Great customer.
Great customer.
lewis1234 Hero
Good Buyer, Would Gladly Deal With Again. Thanks!
larzman777 Hero
AMAZING buyer with UNCANNY taste!!!
Dennis has his eye on Mr. 1500....
Great as always!
Thanks again, my friend!
Great as always!
Thanks for coming back to The Longbox!
Thanks bro!
Thanks again, my man Dennis....
Thank you for your order!
Don't care how few titles you get--you'll always be Mr. 700 to me!
Thanks Dennis....
Thanks and enjoy...!
Thanks again, my friend....!
Thanks again, my friend!
Thanks as usual.....
Thanks for the order, enjoy!
Another Walking Dead addict, I'll do what I can to supply your fix....
Thanks Dennis! Always Appreciated!
Thanks as always Pally Pal.
I'm Changing the Name of My Store to "Life with Dennis"!
Getting it done for Dennis once again....
Another week down.....!
Dennis is Awesome, Dennis is Great!
Thanks for the Order! Enjoy the Freebie, You'll Really Enjoy it This Time!
More Superman Books Than You Can Shake A Stick At....!
Many thanks to Mr. 700, the original #1 subscriber...
Consider yourself Boarded....Thanks again....
Congratulations on another successful Weasel Deasel...
Thanks Mr. 700 aka Mush Mouth
Thanks as always my friend....
Thanks and have a pleasant tomorrow....!
Dennis only gets the best books......!
Thanks Homer....
Thanks Homestead....
Thanks Homeslice....
Thanks, homeless....
Thanks, homes....
Thanks for the support, my friend...
Thanks n' all that stuff.
Thanks and enjoy the books....
Thanks for the big order, big man...
Thanks bunches!
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