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Longshot4971 Hero - A GEM MINT Transaction!! Thank you!!
PTGRTS Hero - Great Customer!
PTGRTS Hero - Great Buyer!
DivideAndConquer Hero - Great buyer! Thanks for your order!
BruceStokes Hero - Great buyer, thanks again for your order!
SpookyTreeComics Hero - Fast payments and good taste in books!!
TheComicStore Hero - Thank you for shopping with us!!
WIZZARD127 Hero - A+, thanks again
ftmmusic Hero - great butter I mean buyer, think I'm hungry
BruceStokes Hero - Thanks for your order! Great buyer!
ComicsMD Hero - Fast payment and a wonderful and valued customer! Thank you!
Thundercron Hero - Great Buyer as Usual! Enjoy the Books!
jhorsley3 Hero - Thank you so much! Hope to do business with you again!
PTGRTS Hero - Thanks for your order! Great buyer!
pottersan Hero - Thanks again!!
lewis1234 Hero - Gladly deal with again, Thanks for your order!
pottersan Hero - FANTASTIC!!!!!!!
BruceStokes Hero - Great buyer! A+ Thanks for your order.
dugout21 Hero - A pleasure to assist you . Hope to help you out again in the future. Thank you!!
MillGeekComics Hero - Great buyer, thanks!
DaLeah96 Hero - Super buyer, hope to hear from again AAA+
bovard Hero - Terrific buyer, Thank you! AAA+++
pottersan Hero - Thanks again!!
pottersan Hero - Thanks again!!
kenspidey Hero - Great Buyer....Thanks....A++++++++++++
DJL2001 Hero - Great Buyer! Come back and see us!
Grwurz Hero - smooth transaction
Thundercron Hero - Thanks and enjoy the great books!
red_k_comics Hero - Great customer! Looking forward to dealing with again.
DGarman Hero - Awesome buyer, stop back again!
Moeman Hero - A+++ Sell with confidence!
BDCOMICS Hero - Thanks for a GREAT order!!
spacecitycomics Hero - Again, another wonderful customer performance.
bovard Hero - Terrific buyer, Thank you! AAA+++
Thundercron Hero - Thanks for the order & enjoy all those books!
spacecitycomics Hero - A very nice transaction, thank you !!
red_k_comics Hero - Great customer!!!!!!
kirkcomics Hero - Excellent guy to work with!!!!!!!HERO!!!!!!!
bolt_boy Hero - Great transaction! Thanks for the order!
bobafett_esb Hero - Thank you very much for your order. Let us know if we can ever help you with anything else.
bovard Hero - Terrific buyer, Thank you! AAA+++
CuriousGoodsNComics Mortal - please do not comment while you have been drinking or are under the influence..."some were higher an
bovard Hero - Terrific buyer, Thank you! AAA+++
theseriouscollector Hero - Another smooth CCL transaction come back any time great buyer thank you!!!!!
7thInningStretch Hero - Thank you!!!
bobafett_esb Hero - Thank you very much for your business. Let me know if you ever need anything else.
OddComics Hero - Great to Deal with Thanks
JPHootiger Hero - Great transaction, thanks for the patience!
koolstuffguyscomics Hero - Great buyer! Thanks again for your business!
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