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Buyer Rating
mec3437 Hero - Fast and secure shipping, great product, thank you!
romeroland1 Hero - Thank you, everything was perfect.
John2814 Hero - Great seller, fast shipping, excellent packaging, many thanks.
John2814 Hero - Great seller, fast shipping, excellent packaging, many thanks.
stewrsx Hero - great comics and super fast shipping, thanks!
Nice order. Thanks.
bbaxter92 Hero - Great service and FAST delivery! Thanks!!!
Thank you.
BDCOMICS Hero - Love love love free shipping!! Thanks.
Easy now. Thanks.
trell2012 Hero - Perfect
Thank you.
Hoss23 Hero - Great books; small issue, solved quickly and fairly; excellent sellerfairly; excellent seller
Thank you.
capnadolny1 Hero - Always a pleasure! Thanks!!!
Same here. Nice order. Thanks.
akarvounakis Hero - Books are great, awesome packaging
PTGRTS Hero - Looks great! Thanks!
billg44 Hero - great,thanks
Thanks again Bill.
ellenjones Hero - Thank you
Your Welcome.
hull4409 Hero - Wonderful experience and will do business with again.
Nice order. Come on back.
rook68 Hero - Great inventory. Best prices. Super fast shipping. One of the good guys.
Wow. Nice, thank you.
stuman1 Hero - Thanks.
Thank you.
CannonballXF Hero - great
Nice order. Enjoy.
cyberspacecomics Hero - fast and safe shipping. thanks
griff573 Hero - great
Again. Thanks.
SwiftMann Hero - Solid as always!
Yes. Thanks.
Tamwood Hero - Always a pleasure and a safe bet purchasing from these guys! :)
Just one guy here. Thanks.
billg44 Hero - excellent, thanks
No thank you.
cumisnw Hero - Great comic. Nicely Shipped. AA+
Thank you.
PeteyWheatcakes Hero - Highly recommended! A+++
Yes. Thanks.
NoteSlashJim Hero - Fast, and Communicates. Thanks Paul.
You talkin to me. Thanks.
Zombie_Killer Hero - comics in great shape,shipped fast....A++++++
waynedavanzo Hero - Grades accurately, shipped quickly, well packaged.
Thank You.
Crimsy Hero - Thanks! Great packaging!
fatninja Hero - Awesome seller A+++
Thanks...Fat Ninja.
PTGRTS Hero - Looks great! Thanks!
cortown71 Hero - Excellent transaction AA++++
Nice grad. Thanks.
crescent Hero - Everything looked great and arrived safely, thanks!!!!
Thanks for your repeat business. Enjoy.
boxesofcards Hero - Excellent seller. Nice book!
Thank you.
DallasGipson Hero - Wonderful seller! Thanks for helping me complete my set!!
Nice. Thanks.
BobBretall Hero - Great comics! Thanks!
freakdylan Hero - Awesome Seller as ALWAYS!!!!
Awesome customer as ALWAYS!!!
HankWagner Hero - Great seller
Great Customer.
Tailenzaa Hero - Great Packing, showed up sooner then I thought
Great. Enjoy.
kyvacca Hero - no isues, no hassels
HankWagner Hero - Great seller.
Good order. Nice books.
ramone_prideland Hero - Books arrived in excellent condition! Thanks for fast shipping!
lbej Hero - Excellent, thanks
Welcome. Enjoy.
houstonz Hero - Another great transaction. Fast, secure shipping and accurate grading.
Waiting for the new season. Thanks.
TallicaFan87 Hero - Great seller
Great buyer. Thanks.
castle76 Hero - Very fast shipping. Comic was in great condition. I would buy from this person again. Thanks.
Nice. Thanks.
sanford Hero - excellent
Thank you.
chrisbenes Hero - great seller
Thanks. Nice order.
houstonz Hero - Finally! A seller who knows what Near Mint is! Minimal dents, no color breaks, etc. Awesome books!
Thank you very much. I needed that.
Patrick_Scholes Hero - Great Seller! Fast Shipping!
Nice order. Thanks.
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