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Niteowl Comics
Arizona, US
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Adventure Comics (1938) 312-A

Comic Book by DC, Sep 1963

CCL Grade: Very Good
Price $20.00
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Item Details
Adventure Comics (1938) 312-A by DC
Adventure Comics (1938) 312-A by DC
Item Bio
(Lightning Lad revived; Death of 'Proty', Chameleon Boy's pet Protean).

Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes in "The Super-Sacrifice of the Legionnaires" and "The Bravest Legionnaire!"
*The Legionnaires anxiously await the arrival of Mon-El, who has traveled to his home planet to find some way to revive their fallen comrade, Lightning Lad. When he returns, he claims to have failed, but Saturn Girl reads his mind and discovers that he is lying, although she cannot think why.

Refusing to accept defeat, the heroes dedicate themselves to finding a way to return Lightning Lad to life. Unfortunately, although they comb the galaxy for leads, they unearth no working method. Finally, Saturn Girl confronts Mon-El with her knowledge that he does know a way to bring back their friend. He explains that a device can be built that will channel a lightning bolt through a special steel rod into Lightning Lad's body and resurrect him, but not without killing whoever holds the rod.

The heroes decide to let fate choose which of them will sacrifice his life. Six Legionnaires bring their comrade's coffin to Lightning World, and, holding identical rods, wait patiently to see who will be struck. However, Saturn Girl has secretly constructed her rod of duralim, a highly conductive metal. Finally, a bolt strikes her rod, and revives Lightning Lad, just as another Saturn Girl emerges from a nearby cave.

She explains that it wasn't she who died, but Proty, Chameleon Boy's pet, who had discovered her plan of sacrifice, lured her into a nearby cavern, and then taken her place. *Source: The Official Legion of Super-Heroes Index #2 - Published by ICG.

Superboy in "Lana Lang, Hollywood Star"
Lana Lang stars in a Hollywood movie, where she plays a jungle queen, and Superboy prevents her from getting a swelled head.

An untitled Super-Turtle strip.

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6/19/2015 3:19:16 PM
Graphic Novel / Trade
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Feb 2009
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Detective Comics (1937)
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