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Ghost Rider (1973) 58-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jul 1981

CCL Grade: Very Fine
Price $.89
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Cover Price:$.50
Publish Date:JUL 1981
Content:CCA Approved
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No Story Arcs
Ghost Rider (1973) 58-A by Marvel
Ghost Rider (1973) 58-A by Marvel
Item Bio
"Evil is the Enforcer!"

A quartet of common criminals loading a light plane with contraband make the costly mistake of firing on the passing Ghost Rider. A crashed plane and the withering touch of Hellfire is the price they pay.

Vengeance extracted, Johnny Blaze exorcises the Demon from his soul. It is time for his rematch against Flagg Fargo for the Stunt-Cycle Championship title.

Blaze is scoping out the arena, to get a feel of it while empty when he spies Fargo in conversation with a shadowy figure. Johnny is flabbergasted to find that it's the Enforcer that Fargo was conversing with.

The two bikers engage in rivalrous banter before being joined by Fargo's girlfriend, Cindy. The next moment a car speeds past them spraying bullets at the three.

Johnny mounts a motorcycle and gives chase. He realizes too late that the mysterious assailant is the Enforcer. Too late, because he is shot with a tranquilizer dart that causes him to abandon the hunt.

Blaze regains consciousness hours later, convinced that Fargo had hired the Enforcer himself to prevent Johnny making the rematch. Nevertheless, nothing stops Johnny returning to the arena for his Stunt-Cycle showdown.

The contest goes in Johnny's favor. Outscoring Fargo until the final three rounds, when disaster strikes. Fargo is shot mid-jump and crashes into a row of parked cars. Blaze helps the wounded biker to safety, then turns to the would-be-assassin, our friend the Enforcer.

The Enforcer was already making a pretty paypacket from a gambling syndicate for ensuring that Johnny Blaze won the cycle contest, but due to his avaricious nature, naturally couldn't resist ripping off the arena's box office too.

As the Enforcer makes his getaway, Johnny is determined that he won't escape this time, by becoming the Ghost Rider and once more pursues the villain.

When the Enforcer catches sight of the Brimstone Biker in his rear-view mirror, he thinks he can handle the situation. A trunk-mounted missile destroys the stretch of bridge between car and cycle.

Undaunted, the Ghost Rider takes an unconventional route to overtake the Enforcer's car, and the villain finds himself involuntarily enmeshed in a game of "Chicken" with the Spirit of Vengeance.

Suffice to say, the villain's nerve gives out and his car swerves off the narrow road.
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