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Marvel Super-Heroes (1967) 28-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Oct 1970

CCL Grade: Fine -
Price $5.50
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Marvel Super-Heroes (1967) 28-A by Marvel
Marvel Super-Heroes (1967) 28-A by Marvel
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Cover by Marie Severin/Everett.

"The Stilt-Man Cometh" by Lee and Wood. 20 pages.
Reprinted from Daredevil (Vol 1) #8.
Daredevil has his hands full with a run-away car loaded with explosives, which is meant as a distraction while a new villain pulls his first payroll delivery theft. The Stiltman is a strategist, and is suited in armor with retractable legs that lets him stride through New York City's skyscrapers. Matt Murdock is soon approached by scientist Wilbur Day, who accuses businessman Carl Kaxton of stealing the Stiltman technology from him. Matt must sort out the truth while learning how to deal with the threat of the Stiltman. Karen Page presses Matt to get experimental surgery to restore his vision. 20 pages.
First appearance of Wilbur Day, the Stiltman.

"My Life For Yours" featuring the Invincible Iron Man by Lee/Thomas and Austin/Michaels/Brodsky/Severin. 12 pages.
Reprinted from Tales of Suspense (Vol 1) #73.
Iron Man arrives at the hospital to find that the critically wounded Happy Hogan has been abducted from his bed. Tell-tale clues lead the Golden Avenger to his old enemy, the Black Knight in an abandoned castle on the outskirts of Washington. Iron Man knows he's walking into a trap, but he must risk his own life for that of his friend. The Black Knight seeks revenge for his defeat at the hands of the Avengers, and Iron Man must survive the battle to ensure that Happy makes it back to hospital care.

"If This Guilt Be Mine..!" featuring the Invincible Iron Man by Lee and Austin/Michaels. 12 pages.
Reprinted from Tales of Suspense (Vol 1) #74.
Iron Man, having rescued the critically injured Happy Hogan from the clutches of the Black Knight, lays exhausted an vulnerable in the Black Knight's castle. He manages to signal Pepper, who retrieves him and gets him back to his own secret lab. Senator Byrd announces that Stark must turn over Iron Man's identity and armor technology to the government for the good of the Nation. Meanwhile, doctors working to save Happy's life treat him with the experimental cobalt-powered Enervator Ray, but the treatment changes Happy into the Freak.
First appearance of the Freak.

"The Origin of Iron Man" by Goodwin and Colan/Craig. 3 pages.
Reprinted from Iron Man (Vol 1) #1 (erroneously cited as Tales of Suspense #39 on the splash panel). A retelling of the Iron Man origin.

Includes a pin-up of Daredevil by various artists and cover reproductions of Daredevil #8 and Tales of Suspense #73.
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Star Spangled War Stories (1952)
Nov 1967
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Tom Mix Western (1948)
Oct 1950
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