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Quasar 7-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Feb 01 1990
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Quasar 7-A by Marvel
Quasar 7-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$1.00
Publish Date:FEB 01 1990
Content:CCA Approved


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"Terminus Rising"

We begin, at the very bottom of the world, in the Savage Land. A haven for beasts from earth’s prehistoric past.

Among them is the mighty Apatosaurus, a behemoth known to school children as the Brontosaurus, whose immense size is dwarfed by that of the fallen body armor of the extraterrestrial planet-ravager, Terminus!

For months, the empty armament had lain on this grassy plain as still as a tomb, but suddenly, Terminus’ 100 foot energy lance flares, creating a deep shaft into the earth’s crust.

Down it, the alien artifact drops toward the waiting hand of its true master!

Some nine thousand miles to the north, a man stands three feet outside a Manhattan office, in a room containing a small quantity of subspace and the oldest living being on Earth.

That man is our caped hero, Quasar, who is talking once again to his cosmic mentor Eon.

Quasar asks if checking out all of the ETs on Earth is the best way to go about looking for the cosmic menace he was appointed to stop or if there is a better way he should be doing this.

Eon is pretty unhelpful here and says that he just gives the mission to his protectors and how they go about it is entirely up to them.

After a brief conversation, the two decide that Quasar should check in on a puzzling alien energy signature that seems to move erratically.

Quasar takes to the skies and starts following the energy signature only to find that it leads straight to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

Unfortunately, Spidey doesn’t seem to be quite as friendly as Wendell had hoped for and seems in no mood to answer any questions.

Q-ball isn’t ready to take no for an answer and whips up a construct of a giant stethoscope to try and see why Spidey is giving off an alien energy reading.

Spidey’s survival instincts become uncontrollable and he lashes out at our hero, giving him a left hook that knocks him across New York City and onto a garbage scow in a nearby harbor.

Spidey realizes he overreacted and goes to check on Quasar who is recuperating from the hit and not at all too happy about it.

Quasar creates a construct of a vise that traps the web slinger, still trying to get a grasp on what’s happened to him that would cause him to give off this strange alien energy signature.

Once again, Spidey surprises our hero by busting out of this construct pretty easily, sending shards of it in every direction forcing Quasar to drop to avoid being hit.

Quasar looks up and sees that Spider-Man is nowhere to be seen – but no sooner does he wonder where webhead’s disappeared to, he feels the garbage scow he’s been standing on begin to rise into the air.

To the Cosmic Avenger’s surprise, Spider-Man is flying and holding the garbage scow in the air. Spidey tells Quasar that a few weeks back something happened to him that made him the strongest man on earth and that he doesn’t want or need any help from Quasar.

Quasar promises to stop giving him a hard time and Spidey drops the garbage scow back into the water and heads back to the city without saying another word.

Quasar flies home, thinking that that could’ve gone better but at least he’d been able to identify the energy signature in case Spider-Man goes berserk with these newfound powers.

The next day, Wendell is once again off to IDIC to try and salvage the company as a client after having to give them the brush off after being called away on Avengers business during their last meeting.

Half way through his presentation, Wendell feels the energy reading of something massive and must once again excuse himself to deal with this possible cosmic menace, noting that he’s probably just committed financial suicide by leaving the meeting.

Five minutes later, Quasar‘s made his way five-hundred miles off the coast off New York and is shocked to see an enormous humanoid monstrosity clad in metal armor, we know to be Terminus.
As Quasar floats in the air nearby he sees that Terminus can seemingly walk on water and is currently straddling a cruise liner.

Calling on his cosmic mentor, Quasar starts to get the 411 on Terminus but the giant takes note of him and blasts him into space with his power lance.

A few backward somersaults later, Quasar rights himself and begins his descent back toward the planet, attempting to syphon the energy from the power lance along the way.

To his chagrin, he finds that he can only syphon the energy when the lance is in use, which is the last thing he wants the mighty planet ravager to do again.

Retreating to back to New York City, Quasar contacts the Avengers looking to call in the cavalry. Unfortunately, Peggy can’t seem to get a hold of Thor and Captain America just isn’t going to cut it.

Quasar remembers that Spider-Man’s recently come into a serious power set of his own and throws a “Spider-Signal” into the sky, asking for his help.

While he waits, Quasar gets some more in depth information from Eon on Terminus.

Spidey shows up just after Eon finishes telling our hero Terminus’ back story and after a few minutes of explanation Spider-Man agrees to help.

Quasar surrounds each of them in quantum constructs and together they launch into the ocean like torpedoes heading straight for the giant.

Traveling underwater the entire way to sneak up on Terminus, Quasar explains to Spider-Man that he is going to create a platform of quantum energy underneath Terminus’ feet that they will push upward into space together, effectively deporting Terminus from the planet.

Quasar creates the platform and they begin pushing after Quasar delivers the epic line, “Take a deep breath and let’s haul some mass!”
As the two push, the angry Terminus begins to shift his weight in an attempt to walk off of the edge but Quasar extends the platform before he can complete his step.

Rising through the clouds, they break earth’s atmosphere and Super-Spidey gives one final push, hurling the giant alien into deep space.
Quasar tells Spider-Man that he can go back down to earth and that he’ll make sure Terminus won’t be able to double back.

Amazingly, Spider-Man starts back home by whipping up a hang glider made of webbing that we must assume has its own propulsion system that launches it through the windless vacuum of space.

The Cosmic Avenger heads deeper into space, following Terminus’ course and finds him trying to right himself, attempting to reach for his nearby power lance.

Deducing that the lance is the source of much of Terminus’ power, Quasar decides he’s got to get rid of it.

After failing to affect the lance with his “laser-slices”, Quasar decides to grab hold of the enormous lance and try to Quantum Jump with it.

After momentarily traveling through subspace, Quasar re-emerges near Neptune to find that only part of the lance had made it there with him.

Hurrying back to check on Terminus, Quasar is happy to see that he’s still cartwheeling out of control and what remained of the energy lance is now sputtering like a sparkler on the fourth of July.


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