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Superboy (1994) 65-A

Comic Book by DC, Aug 1999

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Superboy (1994) 65-A by DC
Superboy (1994) 65-A by DC
Item Bio
"Out of Hyper-Time!

Superboy and the Challengers come crashing through the roof of the Planet Krypton restaurant.
Rocky is their to meet them however the celebration is cut short when they reveal that Red was lost in hyper-time and that June is not their June Robins but June Walker from and alternate reality. The Challengers vow to reenter hypertime to rescue their missing teammates and the owner of Planet Krypton offers to let them use the sub-basement for a headquarters, he also reveals himself to be the cyborg Rip Hunter.
The Challengers offer Superboy to join the team, but he has to refuse learning that Cadmus is looking for his replacement.

Meanwhile back at Cadmus dozens of heroes have arrived to try-out to be Superboy's replacement.
Things soon get out of hand, The Hero Hotline get upset, Damage is turned down, Gadget-Guru attempts to disassemble the Metal Men. However Heatwave their trying to reform expose Hawk and Dove as Punch and Jewelee.
Punch and Jewell grab a hostage but get clobbered by the returning Superboy.
Since Superboy has returned the tryouts are over.
However Cadmus decides to give Heatwave a second chance and they make him Superboy's back-up.
The JLA soon arrive to debrief Superboy on his Hyper-time adventure.
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4/11/2011 12:02:35 PM
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