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Fantastic Four (1961) 232-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jul 1981

CCL Grade: Very Good
Price $.99
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Market Notes:
Water stain in upper right corner of book.
Item Details
Fantastic Four (1961) 232-A by Marvel
Fantastic Four (1961) 232-A by Marvel
Item Bio
"Back to the Basics!"

Diablo is back and has unleashed four elementals to hunt down and kill the FF. An Earth Elemental attacks Sue; a water elemental tries to drown Ben; a wind elemental douses Johnny; and a fire elemental goes after Reed. Reed escapes the fire and heads out to Central Park, where he runs into Johnny and the wind elemental. Reed distracts the fire elemental with Johnny, then takes the wind elemental into the city to find Ben and Sue. Sue escapes the earth elemental only to find Ben and the water elemental. When Reed arrives he figures out how to defeat the enemies, discharging the water elemental by using electricty to change water into air. Ben uses a water pipe to turn the earth into mud and Sue captures the wind and compresses it into water. This only leaves Johnny with the fire elemental. He escapes to a high enough altitute and goes nova, sucking up all the oxygen and dousing the fire elemental. Reed figures out that it is the work of El Diablo and enlists Dr. Strange to hunt down and capture Diablo.

The FF are attacked by primal elemental beings conjured by Diablo.
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12/30/2014 5:28:57 PM
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