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Arizona, US
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Avengers (1963) 97-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Mar 1972

CCL Grade: Fine
Price $10.40
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Item Details
Avengers (1963) 97-A by Marvel
Avengers (1963) 97-A by Marvel
Item Bio
"Godhood's End!"

Rick Jones is cast into the Negative Zone as an unseen consequence of Mar-Vell's use of the Omni-Wave projector, which the Skrull fight to possess. Rick escapes an encounter there with Annihilus and the Negative Zone itself by means of a mysterious new mental power.

Elsewhere in space, Mar-Vell and the Avengers try to hold off the advancing Skrulls. Rick finds himself on the Kree home-world Hala in the presence of the Supreme Intelligence, who is under siege by the upstart Ronan and his band of rebel Kree.

With the Supreme Intelligence's guidance, Rick uses his new powers to mentally conjure Golden Age heroes to stop Ronan, and further, to stop the Skrull invasion and to unmask H. Warren Craddock as a Skrull.

The Avengers and Mar-Vell arrive on Hala to find a comatose Rick Jones, and learn that the Supreme Intelligence had unlocked Rick's mind to give him his powers, but it has burned him out. Mar-Vell also learns that the only way to save Rick is to re-merge with him, consigning himself once more to the Negative Zone.
21 pages.
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9/6/2014 10:54:44 AM
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