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Miracleman (1985) 2-A

Comic Book by Eclipse, Oct 1985

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Miracleman (1985) 2-A by Eclipse
Miracleman (1985) 2-A by Eclipse
Item Bio
"Book One, Chapter 5: Dragons"
reprinted from Warrior (UK) #5

A Devil in Saville Row's finest tailored tweed is revealed hovering above the streets of old London Town. He once did go by the name of "Johnny Bates", but that is all so far behind him now.

That mad bastard, Bates incinerates his own secretary for the minor transgression of spilling coffee on his no doubt, expensive office carpet. Alas, poor Stephanie, we knew her not. Imagine power that's unchecked, without conscience, balance or reason. Wielded just for the sheer hell of it, no responsibility, no fear of reproach or repercussions, and completely remorseless.

When the changeling, Kid Miracleman threatens to similarly immolate Mike Moran's wife, the magic word is spoken at last. Even in his Miracleman form, Mike Moran feels afraid of his former teen sidekick. With good reason too. "Kid" is so much more adept in the use and versatile range of his powers than his old mentor.

Miracleman's face is pummeled and pulverized into a semblance of papier-mache pulp. There are no such things as innocent bystanders, just more props to be thrown on the bonfires. Satisfied that his opponent's totally crushed, Bates stalks off to find fresh meat and amusement.

"Book One, Chapter 6: Fallen Angels, Forgotten Thunder."
reprinted from Warrior (UK) #6

Liz drives without direction, but anywhere away from the carnage that Kid Miracleman's wrought. She doesn't get far when her car crumples on impact with the Super-Bad lad. He crushes the car into a compact ball just for good measure. MM returns for a second innings.

The pitched battle of uber-humans cause shock-waves not just on the streets, but also in the clandestine halls of UK Government. A hit has just been ordered.

On the verge of triumph over his nemesis, Kid Miracleman over-elaborates his victory speech and manages somehow, to beat only himself. What's left in his place is a 13 year-old boy out of time, and his tiny little mind.

"Book One, Chapter 7: Secret Identity"
reprinted from Warrior (UK) #7

Dribbling away in some nondescript, sanitized nursing home, Johnny Bates is having an internal dialogue with his other "self", Kid Miracleman. No amount of bullying or cajoling results in a transformation for the worse, though.

In the countryside, Liz and Mike Moran makes notes from tests on Miracleman's powers and she theorizes they may be psionic-based. When they're finished with flying through hoops and crushing boulders with bare hands, Liz drops her own personal bombshell on her husband.

Evelyn Cream, representing the Spookshow's interests, tricks his way in with fake I.D. to see one of the surviving would-be terrorists from the Lake District nuclear plant. A huge brute of a man, but with the bearing, inflection and nuance of an old Etonian gentleman.

Cream gleans vital information from Steve, the wounded terrorist who was nearest Mike Moran when the world exploded into sound and fury upon his apotheosis. The last thing Steve sees is the palm of a giant hand reaching for his face, effectively smothering him.

"Book One, Chapter 8: Blue Murder"
reprinted from Warrior (UK) #8

Mike "Mortal" Moran is having a hard time coping with the knowledge that his wife of sixteen years is now pregnant with the child of his augmented alter-ego. After just one night of passionate love-making! Wouldn't we all feel a bit redundant?

Popping in to the newspaper office to snag some freelance assignment, Mike is left further deflated when he hears there's nothing on at the mo'.

A harried mother of a toddler asks Moran to give her a minute's respite. It's a set-up, of course. The moral of this story? Never get caught holding someone else's baby in a lift, when there's a man at your back with a gun. Oh, and his teeth....
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