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Ka-Zar (1974) 5-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Sep 1974

CCL Grade: Near Mint -
Price $7.21
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Market Notes:
This is a beautiful comic from a terrific collection! It lies flat and has a really solid spine and has original cover gloss. This fantastic comic would make a great addition to your collection!. Thank you for letting 7th Inning Stretch help with your collecting needs!!
Item Details
Ka-Zar (1974) 5-A by Marvel
Ka-Zar (1974) 5-A by Marvel
Item Bio
"A Man-God Unleashed!"
Part Two - "Be This My Destiny?"

Ka-Zar is pre-occupied by the reincarnated Man-Apes. Their leader is the evolved Maa-Gor, who intended to take Bobbi Morse as his mate until she rejected him.

In the village of the Fall People, El Tigre is being held prisoner under the inscrutable gaze of Zabu. When the Sabretooth wanders off sensing his master's peril, El Tigre makes an escape attempt with one of the villagers as a hostage. The Fall People foil the attempt and deal El Tigre a vicious beating.

Staggering back to the Savage Land jungle with his pride barely intact, El Tigre implores Maa-Gor for aid. When he is subsequently snubbed by the newly pronounced "Man-God", the underling prepares to usurp the master.

El Tigre penetrates the Mystic Mists which enabled the dramatic development of the Man-Ape. The mists horribly mutate El Tigre, impelling him to commit suicide.

Maa-Gor elects to re-enter the Mystic Mists to investigate the source of its evolutionary effects. If he can control the power, then truly the world is his to conquer. This ambition proves to be the undoing of the former Man-Ape.

Contains Marvel Value Stamp Series A #18 Volstaag.
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