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Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 13-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Feb 1989

CCL Grade: Very Fine
Price $.50
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Item Details
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 13-A by Marvel
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 13-A by Marvel
Item Bio
"God's Country, Part 4 of 8: Draw the Lines..." featuring Colossus

*Colossus battled the Cold Warriors to save an American family. But when the police fire on them, it becomes clear that the U.S. Government is trying to kill the whole family! Bruce, the father, refuses to leave his home, and prepares the homestead for war, even as his traumatized family slips further into surreality.

"Panther's Quest, Part 1 of 25: A Rumor of Life" featuring Black Panther

*His name is T'Challa, the kind of the hidden, technologically advances African nation of Wakanda. He is also known as the Black Panther, to his subjects and to the outside world, a man who merges with the dark, and some swear has the abilities of his namesake, the great cat. But he is far from his homeland, prowling the hostile night outside the black township in South Africa.

"Reed's On The Roof, And We Can't Get Him Down" featuring Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman

*Reed and Sue Richards find that their lives can be just as harrowing in the suburbs as they were fighting super-villains back with the Fantastic Four. Incidents like these are why they gave up their secret identities.

"A Tooth For a Tooth" featuring Shanna the She-Devil

*Shanna O'Hara, a veterinarian and ecologist, became an environmental specialist -- where her natural affinity for animals enabled her to walk among even the most ferocious big cats unharmed. However, a series of tragic incidents made her leave civilization behind. She took to the jungles as if it were her native element. There, with her developed phyiscal prowess, hot temper, and mane of red hair, she soon gained the name Shanna the She-Devil. *Source: Inside front cover
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