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"All In Color for a Dime"
Georgia, US
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Captain America (1968) 395-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Dec 1991

CCL Grade: Fine
Price $.40
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Item Details
Captain America (1968) 395-A by Marvel
Captain America (1968) 395-A by Marvel
Item Bio
"Rogues in the House"

Cap is growing more enamored with his new ladyfriend Rachel Leighton, formerly Diamondback. A call from old flame Bernie Rosenthal momentarily threatens to make the continuance of the dalliance a mite awkward.

A summit meeting of diabolical minds leads to Madame Hydra sharing a jacuzzi with the Red Skull.
Mother Night is not amused.

Crossbones, another Skull hireling needs to unwind with a cold beer, or two. Doesn't work out that way as 'Bones ducks out after a fight between some super-powered chicks breaks out.

Back to business, Cap has to rap the knuckles of rookie "Thor-Lite", Eric Masterson. To get him some in-field training Cap has them both fly out to the Red Skull's estate in upstate New York. The two Avengers come to investigate any evidence corroborating recent reports of the Skull's death.

What they find is that organic, malleable mess called Doughboy and his headless creator, Arnim Zola.

At the Skull's retreat in the Rocky Mountains, Mother Night had assembled a trio of criminals to fight for the right to be the Skull's next Chief Operative. Deathstroke, Cutthroat and Mangler compete on lethal terms with each other to pass the 'interview'.

"The Big Brawl"

Expanding on that bar-room brawl that Crossbones walked out on. Too much Oestrogen for the poor chap to cope with, perhaps.

Black Mamba and Asp have been cornered in a seedy villains' bar by Superia's Femizons. Fists, electrical charges, tables, assorted weapons and beer glasses fly, as the ladies settle their dispute.

Out of the calamity, a new team is forged.
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All In Color for a Dime
7/6/2015 3:07:16 PM
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