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WetWorks (1994) 8-A

Comic Book by Image, May 1995

CCL Grade: Very Fine
Price $.99
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Item Details
WetWorks (1994) 8-A by Image
WetWorks (1994) 8-A by Image
Item Bio
"WildStorm Rising, Chapter 7 of 10"
Continues from Deathblow (1993) #16.
Continues in Backlash #8.

*Dane and his gold-plated teammates are drawn into the Daemonites' worldwide scavenger hunt. Grifter and Deathblow need help to acquire a missing key from the tomb of the WildC.A.T.s greatest enemy -- but another group has the same idea... *Source: Deathblow (1993) #16

Deathblow and Grifter are reunited after fighting off the attacking Daemonites, but they have lost the key fragment. Together they go off in search of aid from their long-lost teammate Dane. But a mysterious assassin known as Bastion seems to have found him first. Bastion disappears as soon as Grifter and Deathblow show up.

Once Dane learns that they are out to stop Defile's plans for activating the Daemonite ship, he gathers the WetWorks team. Together they go off to Helspont's final resting place in search of one of the keys. When they get there they find Grifter's old teammates, the WildC.A.T.s, are already there. The two teams begin fighting while the Daemonite Hightower sneaks off to find the key. But before he can take it Helspont is able to revive himself.

Defile does not seem alarmed by Helspont's sudden revival. His Deamonite followers have tracked Savant, Mister Majestic, and Union to the site of the Daemonite ship.

Also includes a Lone One pinup by Timothy Bradstreet.

The Lone One appears only in the pinup.

Two individually packaged WildStorm Gallery trading cards are bound in this issue: #134, which is only available from this issue, and one base set card.
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