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Jan 11,2008
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Tribute to Michael Turner nn-A

Comic Book by Aspen, Jan 01 2008

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Tribute to Michael Turner nn-A by Aspen
Tribute to Michael Turner nn-A by Aspen


Cover Price:$8.99
Publish Date:JAN 01 2008
Sale Date:NOV 05 2008
Caption:Prestige Format


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*A huge compilation of writers, creators and artists from throughout the comic book industry and beyond. Following the passing of Aspen founder and, more importantly, friend on June 27th, 2008, Aspen decided to pay tribute to Turner and the legacy he leaves behind with this very special memoriam.

With over 80 pages of all-new original artwork, words of remembrance, and more, A Tribute To Michael Turner is one of the largest assortments of comic book professionals in history. Highlights from this special tribute issue include:
-A first time compilation cover by Michael Turner and Alex Ross.
-An introduction by Michel Turner's mother Grace Crick.
-Special tributes from the Aspen Comics staff -the company Michael Turner founded.
-Over 40 all-new original pieces of art from the industry's top creators and artists.
-Words of remembrance and unique tributes from the industry's top writers, editors, and friends of Turner.
-A special section featuring fan art produced in honor of Michael Turner's life and creations.

-A portion of the proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
*Source: AspenStore.com


Eric "e.Bas" BasalduaArtist
Joe BenitezArtist
Simone BianchiArtist
Brian "Booch" BuccellatoArtist
Talent CaldwellArtist
J. Scott Campbell (aka Jeffrey Scott)Artist
Sam CamposArtist
Jason EdenArtist
David "Dave" FinchArtist
Dan FragaArtist
Eduardo FranciscoArtist
Gary FrankArtist
Alex GarnerArtist
Alejandro "Ale" GarzaArtist
Michael GaydosArtist
Joel GomezArtist
Randall "Randy" M. GreenArtist
Micah GunnellArtist
Francisco HerreraArtist
Don HoArtist
Richard IsanoveArtist
Juvaun "J.J." KirbyArtist
Alex KonatArtist
Jim LeeArtist
Rob LiefeldArtist
Joe MadureiraArtist
Francis J. ManapulArtist
Chris MorenoArtist
Oliver NomeArtist
Eduardo "Eddie" NunezArtist
Leonardo OleaArtist
Simone PeruzziArtist
Brandon PetersonArtist
Stephen PlattArtist
Joe QuesadaArtist
Humberto RamosArtist
Mark RoslanArtist
Alex RossArtist
Marc SilvestriArtist
Alex SinclairArtist
Andy SmithArtist
Jonathan D. "J.D." SmithArtist
Beth SoteloArtist
Richard Starkings (aka Richard Alan)Artist
John StarrArtist
Peter SteigerwaldArtist
Christina StrainArtist
Sana TakedaArtist
Billy "Bill" Tan / Billy Tan Mung KhoyArtist
Marcus ToArtist
William "Billy" TucciArtist
Michael TurnerArtist
Vince HernandezEditor
Joshua "Josh" ReedEditor
Marc AndreykoWriter
Eddie BerganzaWriter
Talent CaldwellWriter
C.B. Cebulski (aka Akira Yoshida)Writer
Dan DiDioWriter
Renae GeerlingsWriter
Vince HernandezWriter
Paul JenkinsWriter
Geoff JohnsWriter
J.T. KrulWriter
Jeph LoebWriter
Frank MastromauroWriter
Jim McLauchlinWriter
Brad MeltzerWriter
Greg PakWriter
Jason RubinWriter
Peter SteigerwaldWriter
Tim TownsendWriter
David "Dave" WohlWriter


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